Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spotlight on... Alex Teicheira!

Name: Alex Teicheira

Character: Carl Kvichak

Why acting?
This is all I can see me doing with my life, until I'm 93, on my way to a rehearsal in New York, when I slip on some wet pavement and die from impact on my now brittle bones.  

How/why did you get involved with Some Mother's Son?
My GF lives in the same house as the director Kendra Arimoto, and we were all talking in the kitchen together over cooking and washing dishes, when it became clear we could help each other.  I wanted to act, she needed men to audition that very night, and so it began...

What has surprised you about the process?
I was surprised to find so many talented people from so many backgrounds and experiences in such close proximity, either students and alumni from the 5 college system, or members of the community, all together 

Favorite Word:  Kumquat.

Least Favorite Word: e or i-anything (email, eharmony, ipad, ipod, ibook, itunes, etc). Twitter and Facebook rank lowly as well.

What turns you on?  Travel, my girlfriend, and traveling with my girlfriend. 

What turns you off? Belching, social networking sites.

What sound or noise do you love? The sound of a baseball hitting a wooden bat. 

What is you favorite curse word? Joder (Espana)

What is something you want to do during your life?  Be able to afford a fantastic honeymoon and apartment. 

Earliest memory of theatre? My earliest memory of theatre is acting in a school Xmas play when I was 5, and I got to be Santa Claus, replete with beard and hat. 

Why is theatre necessary? Theatre is necessary as a way to celebrate life.  It is a LIVE art form, one that always seems to be threatened by new mediums, yet still finds a way to survive and be vital to society. 

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