Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes: Publicity Photo Shoot

Last night, we met up with Jon Crispin to do a publicity photo shoot with leading actress Susanna Apgar (Masha). Mr. Crispin shoots theatre and dance throughout the Five College region in addition to sports, people, etc. Keep an eye out for Jon's work and Susanna's modeling featured in Some Mother's Son ads and press releases launched in the next few days.

L-R: Jon Crispin and Susanna Apgar.
Photo by Jessica Sabogal

L-R: Susanna Apgar, Stella Schwartz, and Jon Crispin.
Photo by Jessica Sabogal
Thank you to Kaidi Williams (Costume Designer) and Stella Schwartz (Costumes Assistant) for dressing and styling "Masha."  It's exciting to get our first taste of 1960's period costuming.  Kaidi and Stella are both extremely talent designers who will both no doubt have a long, artistic future.

Also, big shout out to Jessica Sabogal for stopping in with her glass eye to catch some behind-the-scenes action.

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