Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Peek into the Rehearsal Room

We're just over one week into the rehearsal process.  Last night, the incredibly talented Rory Alexander Farrell Madden joined the cast in the role of "Officer Partridge." Rory has graced the Smith College stage numerous times.

Rory Alexander Farrell Madden
Also exciting, the entire show has been blocked and we're looking forward to two nights of stumble-through's.  What is a "stumble-through?"  For the first time in the process, actors piece together the entire show by stumbling through blocking and lines (first time off book).  Actors rely heavily on the stage managers for blocking reminders and line prompts.  It's a challenging and critical rehearsal.  It is also the first time the entire cast will be together since parting to focus on individual scene work.

Rehearsing in the space. The platform and stairs are built.
The walls are currently drying in the shop.
L-R: Nelson (Johnny Donaldson), Masha (Susanna Apgar), and Detective (Kevin Maroney).

L-R: Nelson (Johnny Donaldson), Masha (Susanna Apgar), and Detective (Kevin Maroney).

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