Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Local Reviews and DOLLAR NIGHT!

Short on cash, but don't want to miss what everyone's talking about?
Come to Dollar Night!

$1 Tickets for all Five College and High School students!

"Wow, stellar performance, one of the best ever! Phenomenal!"
-Rachel Besserman

"Niceley done"
-Elizabeth Brasington

-Sarah Dunn

"[I] had the amazing pleasure of seeing "Some Mother's Son" last night. I am still truly blown away by the human inticracies and the attention to detail. So incredible. The actors were all spectacular, Kendra the brilliant director shaped an amazing story, and the play written by Darren was full of life. EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE IT. I'm going again while I still have the chance! :)"
-Emily Wiest

"I send you [the director], send all of you, my vigorous congratulations!  
I'll be getting as many as I can to realize how much they'll miss if they don't catch one of this coming week's performances."

-Professor Len Berkman

Also heard in the Smith Theatre Department halls:
"Truly entertaining" 
"A great performance" 
"Perfect combination of tragedy and comedy."

Opening Night cake based on poster design by Jessica Sabogal.

Opening Night Reception.

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